Coin Payments: Complete Guide!

Coin Payments

Coin Payments are the most commonly used BTC wallets in ProXCore scripts. Although they integrates Coin Payments as their main BTC wallet, members can use any other wallets (Coinbase, Block Chain, Xapo, Unocoin etc) for depositing and withdrawing funds. 

1. Is there any Fees for Sending and Receiving Funds?

  • Processor will take 0.0001 BTC per transaction while sending funds.

2. How to get your BTC wallet address?
Coin Payments

Goto Your Wallet  Deposit/Receive. On the next window that appears, click on Add New Deposit Address. This will be your wallet address which you can use for withdrawals.Coin Payments

3. How to Send Funds to another BTC wallet?
Coin Payments

Goto Your Wallet  Send/Withdraw. Enter the amount in USD or BTC and Send. Coin Payments

4. How to Add Funds into a program which uses Coin Payments?

Even though program would be using Coin Payments as their payment method, you can deposit and withdraw with whatever BTC wallets you’re having. 

Goto Finance ➦ Add funds. Enter the amount, choose Coin Payments option and SubmitCoin Payments

On the next window that appears, Enter your Full Name and Email (Sometimes Address), choose the BTC option and Complete Checkout.
Coin Payments

It will be redirected to another page where you can find the exact BTC Amount & BTC address that you’ve to send. Now goto your BTC processor and make the payment under given time period. Coin Payments

Certain things to remember:

  1. Funds must be send within the given time frame else it will get cancelled.
  2. Payments might take 1-3 hours to get confirmed and to be reflected in your wallet. 

If you have more questions, Contact Me or comment below. 


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