FutureAdPro Review!


FutureAdPro Quick Overview!

  • Launched: March, 2016.
  • Owner of FN/FAP: Roman Ziemian and Mateusz Glowicki.
  • Total Members: 500,000+
  • Payment Processors: Payza, STP, Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoins etc.
  • Daily Earnings Cap: 1%. 

FutureAdPro (FAP) is the revenue sharing platform launched by the FutureNetClub team which is based in Poland. FutureNetClub is similar to Facebook which focus on social media advertising and operating for over 3 years now with 200K+ registered members. 

About Owners!

FutureNetClub is a Polish Company formed in 2012 and went online in 2014 by Founder & CEO Stephan Morgenstern and Roman Ziemain. It works as a social media platform with a reach to 18 different countries. You can earn decent income from this platform from the matrix. 

FutureAdPro was founded and launched in early 2016 from Roman Ziemian and Mateusz Glowicki.

Compensation Plan!

Payplan looks very much sustainable for long period with higher cost ad packs and 1% daily earnings. Although this might not attract the small funders, nor I will recommend, as it will be difficult for them to build their account without any referrals. FutureAdPro

  • Each ad packs are worth $50 which gives out $60 (120% ROI) on maturity. 
  • Earnings are distributed every 15 minutes provided that you’ve surfed daily 10 ads.
  • 5% of earnings will be moved into ‘Advertising Account’, which can only be used for buying advertisements and paying subscriptions.
  • You can earn upto 15% referral commissions 5 level deep depending on membership plan and you need to have at least 1 active pack in order to earn any commissions. 
  • While withdrawing, 5% of amount will move to Future Net Club family tree matrix.

Membership Plan!

Membership plans are needed for those members who have more than 50 packs. You can also earn bigger referral commissions upto 5 level deep depending on membership plans.

Certain things to remember!

  1. You must verify your account by giving Name & Address proof before withdrawing. 
  2. If you already have FutureNetClub account, you can login to FAP with same login details.

My Account Summary as on Apr 05!

I had started my journey few months back with $2500 along with Level V membership.

My Thoughts & Opinions!

Considering the compensation plan and business model, this program can run for years with 1% daily earnings and 120% ROI. So it’s good to start with some decent amounts and work on your account for few months before planning to withdraw. 

If I heard it right, they’re planning to introduce another ad pack of $10 each to attract the small funders which will give another boost for the program. If this is the case, you can start with $50 packs and repurchase $10 packs thereby building your account faster. 

I wont be recommending this program to small funders as they charge too much fees and reductions (5% of Earnings moves to Advertising Account, While withdrawing 5% of the amount moves to FutureNet matrix and also there is Withdrawal fees of 4%).

Joining my Team! 

  • You will get Earning Strategies and Calculator to maximize your profits.
  • Program will be removed from portfolio if we see any red flags or its late to join.
  • If you’ve deposited under me, you can ask for Commission Back (RCB).


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