How to file Payza Disputes?

One of the great benefit of using Payza processor in Revenue Sharing program or HYIP is that they give us a chance to fight with scammers and get a percentage of our loss. I always recommend using Payza because of this reason as online programs comes with huge risk and uncertainty. 

So how do you open a dispute in Payza in case program scam?

Step 1!

Login to your account and select AccountResolution Center. 

Step 2!

Select ‘File a Dispute‘ option from that window.

Step 3!

Choose the transaction you want to dispute and click on File Dispute.

Step 4!

Fill up the form as given below.

  • Type of the purchase: Goods.
  • What is the purchase: Ad Credits and Traffic. 
  • Seller’s website address: Type the domain name of website which scammed. 
  • Best describes your case: Was not delivered. 
  • Provide to the seller the reason for filing this dispute: You can use your words explaining why you’re filing a dispute or you can use default text from HERE.
  • Select your desired outcome for the described case: I would like a full refund.

Step 5!

Click on Next, Review the details you’ve provided and Complete. 

Certain things to remember:

  1. Payza only allows 45 days to file a dispute, from the date you made the payment. After that you won’t be able to open a dispute or get refund from them.
  2. Only file a dispute if you’ve faced a loss in the program (Withdrawals < Deposits). 
  3. Usually Payza dispute will only be closed in 1-3 months depending on program and you will get only 30%-50% of loss incurred. 

If you have more questions, Contact Me or comment below. 

2 Responses to “How to file Payza Disputes?

  • kenneth miller
    5 months ago

    but something to think about here is if the business drains their account you won’t get a dime, the scammers are starting to catch on to the disputes now and the last 2 i filed i got nothing because the scammer was a plain and simple scammer and they drained their account before they quit paying.

    • That’s right! Recently I have seen members saying they haven’t received a refund from Adcrump. The reason Payza said was their account doesn’t have sufficient funds to refund, even though Payza froze 10% of deposits. Owner must have drained account before closing the shop.

      Also Payza has revised their policy, so it won’t be easy from now to win a dispute.

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