MyPayingCryptoAds Review!


MyPayingCryptoAds Quick Overview!

  • Launch Date: November 10, 2016.
  • Owner of MPCA: Uday Nara.
  • Total Members: 75,000+
  • Payment Processor: Bitcoins.
  • Daily Earnings Cap: Upto 2%.

MyPayingCryptoAds (MPCA) will be the most anticipated launch we will ever witness in Revenue Share Industry. One main reason for that is the brand name created by Uday Nara and his first program MyPayingAds, which is going to be the biggest selling point of this program.

MPCA has launched with 14,000 members and growing with 300 new members daily. It has completed 146 days online and still looking good for new deposits.

About Owner!

Uday Nara is considered to be most trusted, experienced and down to earth admin in the industry. One thing I understood working with him on MyPayingAds is that he is hardworking admin who genuinely want every members to earn from his program without any drama or payment issues. 

There are not enough words to explain his brilliance in managing a program. He also did a commendable job when PayPal almost shut down MyPayingAds business back in early 2016. 

Compensation Plan!

I was little bit disappointed at first to find out that his sister project MyPayingCryptoAds is also basically a revenue sharing platform just like MPA which is still running successfully over 21 months. However, what makes MPCA unique is that they are only accepting payments in the form of Bitcoins and increments are paid in BTC value, eliminating the risk of market fluctuations. Ad Pack plans are very much similar to MyPayingAds which will attract all audience.

  • Payplan includes 4 level ad packs of 0.01 BTC, 0.03 BTC, 0.05 BTC and $0.10 BTC. You can purchase maximum of 100 ad packs from level 1 to 3 and 1000 ad packs in final level.
  • All ad packs are giving same 120% ROI on maturity.
  • MPCA offers 6% referral commissions on referral’s deposit which can be withdrawn directly from ‘Leader Commission’ wallet. Commission on repurchases will be showing under ‘Commission Balance’ and can only be used for purchasing packs.
  • Surfing 10 ads are mandatory for receiving daily earnings, distributed every hour. 
  • You can withdraw a maximum of 1 BTC daily from your Earning Balance.
  • There are no limits on Referral Commission withdrawals.

Membership Plan!

MPCA have membership plans which must be paid directly from processors every month. These memberships are only mandatory from level 2 ad packs.

Certain things to remember!

  1. Know Your Customer (KYC) is mandatory when you participate in MPCA. You may have to submit your photo and address proofs before you ask withdrawals. (Members can withdraw their earnings now without submitting any documents. It will only be added later). 
  2. Daily Earnings Cap on Ad Packs will be reduced to half once you withdraw 2x deposits. 
  3. Your Ad Packs will be reset to 0 once you withdraw more than 3 times of your deposit. Members should build their account from scrap if they need. 
  4. Purchases from Commission is considered as fresh Deposit and will increase withdrawal cap. 

My Account Summary as on Apr 05!

I have purchased Coin Elite membership and started with 10 BTC. Later added more funds and now total deposit is 20 BTC. I’ve repurchased 100% for first 130 days and now I will start withdrawing 30% of daily earnings until I take back my seed.
My Deposit Proofs: Click Here!
Recent Withdrawal Proof: Click Here!

My Thoughts & Opinions!

One of the reason for introducing MyPayingCryptoAds would be to financially help MPA, even though they are saying otherwise. If this is the case, they will try to run both programs without any payment issues. So it’s better to repurchase a little longer in MPA if you’re in profit. 

It was a bold move from Uday to add KYC requirements. Most members doesn’t wish to send their personal documents to anyone and we can already see that from Facebook and MMG forum. 

If Uday wants to run both programs without issues, he has to give lower daily earnings in MPCA (1%-1.5% daily) so that members will keep building their MPA accounts as they are paying 2%. Else people tend to jump ship from MyPayingAds to MyPayingCryptoAds. 

Joining my Team! 

  • You will get Earning Strategies and Calculator to maximize your profits.
  • Program will be removed from portfolio if we see any red flags or its late to join.
  • If you’ve deposited under me, you can ask for Commission Back (RCB).


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32 Responses to “MyPayingCryptoAds Review!

  • JanarThanan Ramachandran
    2 weeks ago

    Hi tharun.. Nice article.. I have just signed up under your referral link…want to start with investment.

    need some ideas for long term plan with compounding. hope get your email id with step by step strategy.

    even whatsup feel more better. thx

    • Hey Janarthanan,

      Sorry for late reply. I was on vacation for over a week.
      I usually send follow up emails only for paid members. But if you have joined and need strategy before depositing, you can email me on ‘’. I will share my whats app number if needed.

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Yajuvendra S.
    1 month ago

    Nice article John. I am one of MPCA member and had some questions.

    I started with 2 BTC almost a month ago, on 22nd Feb’17, i am doing daily compounding without any withdrawl.

    I don’t have any referral’s.

    How many BTC’s i can expect down the line in 6 months?

    I just need an approximate figure.

    Any help in this regards will be highly appreciated.


    Yajuvendra (India)

    • Hey Yajuvendra,

      It will depend on your withdrawal-repurchase strategy. Are you going to repurchase for next 6 month?

  • How About the Straight Rev-Share programme which was launched on 22nd Feb, Although I have also invested in MPCA but some 1-2 BTC’s in SRS what would you recommend here should keep on investing the amount back to SRS or should i just withdraw & put it to MPCA ??

    • Hey Deepak,

      I’m sorry. I haven’t heard much about this program. MMG thread and FB group looks abandoned with not much activity. Also not much good supporters or promoters there. I would have stayed away if I were you as we have some other strong revshares now.

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Aputsiaq
    1 month ago

    hello tharun, can you tell me your views on worldwideearning program? i am getting lot of emails regarding this. thanks in advance.

    • Hey Aputsiaq,

      WWE clearly got some huge momentum and hype in few days because of some FB promoters and leaders. But personally I’m not a fan of too much hype and expectations surrounding a program. I prefer slow and decent start which is better for long term.

      Also, I didn’t find anything impressive with payplan. Unlimited $1 packs are not good for the system as members can easily build and compound their adpacks. It might not survive for long in my opinion.

      They also said that they were planning and working on the website for last 5-6 months. But I was surprised to see their website and design. It looks so poor and too many bugs already. Also its a custom made script and therefore they might be having some bugs and issues after launch, especially cron job issues.

      So I will be watching this one for few days/weeks after launch before jumping in. I doesn’t feel like promoting atm because of these reasons. But good luck to them and hope it will turn out to be a good program.

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Raya Langar
    2 months ago


    Thank you for the well written and clear article. It convinced me to give the revenue share industry a shot. I joined MCPA using your link.

    Thank you

    • Hey Raya,

      Thanks a lot. Contact me if you need any help! Also make sure you join the Facebook group for daily updates and news 🙂

  • hi John,

    I lost US$28K in crypto marketing plan of ED____ & wants to join in MPCA & put my remaining 7 BTC into MPCA. Do you think MPCA is 99.9% SAFE to put my money into?

    Regards/ Eddie

    • Hello Eddie,

      I can’t guarantee you anything about the safety of MPCA. Every program involves certain risk factor. But I have invested almost $20,000 which is the biggest investment I ever made online and I’m still repurchasing for last 110 days without even a single withdrawal. So you can imagine how much trust I have on Uday.

      He is a good person with good intention so I don’t think he will run away with our money. Also he’s getting huge support from all over the world which is positive sign for a program. MPCA is best revshare atm considering transparency of admin and payment method they using.

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Christian
    2 months ago

    Please I need to know how MPCA works. I signed up but didn’t get to know exactly what to do to start earning.

    • Hello Christian,

      MPCA is a revenue share. You have to deposit money and purchase ad packs. These ad packs will generate earnings every 1 hour provided that you surfed 10 ads. Each ad packs will earn upto 120% returns.

      If you wan’t to know more details, please email me. I would love to clear your doubts and answer your questions if any.

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Sivakumar
    2 months ago


    TAT is giving how much % daily?

  • Hello admin..
    What about TTI ( is it good to join ?
    Please reply soon.

    • Hello Pankaj,

      Actually it was a surprise to me that they’ve managed to run the program this long. They don’t have much known marketers and only have around 11,000 members so far with $122K payouts. These stats doesn’t look great for a 5 month old program and probably members will be on withdrawals mode now.

      Although admin is paying and updating on daily basis, you need atleast 2-3 months to earn decent profit. Looking at current status, it would be hard for them to survive. So if I were you I won’t be adding any money here now.

      Thanks! 🙂

      • Thanks for your valuable advise ..So which program you recommend for long term basis..

        In my view theadsteam is best.. Isn’t it ?

        • Yes, TAT is performing very well indeed. They’re getting huge support from all over the world and they can run pretty long I believe. You could also try MPCA if you have bitcoins.

          Thanks! 🙂

  • HI,
    Please kindly review the new program

    • Hello Henry,

      Well I was hearing about this site for first time now. I’ve checked MMG thread which is inactive. Admin is Rob Nunes but he isn’t having a FB profile. They’re not even using a Facebook or Skype group for updating the members.

      The website isn’t showing any stats like Total members, Total payouts etc so we can’t know how well program is running so far. Also they seems to be using PayPal as a processor which will get rejected soon and funds will be frozen like other revshares. So I would suggest you to better pass this program.

      Thanks 🙂

  • can you review new rev share.

    • Hello Martin,

      Payplan looks okay, a medium term program but they need some member support to run this program for at least a month. Currently they only have 200+ members and I can’t find any familiar revshare players in FB group, only few spammers now. Homepage contents and Admin’s intro video doesn’t look professional, also website design looks cheap.

      Domain/Admin details are hidden according to Whois search. Obviously Admin doesn’t want to reveal his real identity. He is also using a fake Facebook profile.

      In short, this program is from someone who is looking for some fast cash and might scam very soon. I won’t recommend this to anyone! 🙂

  • Giuseppe
    6 months ago

    Just found your blog from luxuryshares. Mpca will write another success story in years to come. Nice article btw.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for sharing your reviews, its informative and very helpful for members like me who are relatively new to revshares…
    I joined with you in MPCA and thank you for the welcome mail.

    I need your opinion on 3X limit in MPCA which is not there in MPA, do you think its a good move or a conservative move from the admin?

    • Hello Abhi,
      Thanks for joining under me 🙂

      Yes, it is a good move from Uday which helps in the longevity of program. Nowadays most revshares are adding this 3x withdrawal cap rule, which will help the program as fresh funds keep coming in!

  • Why we must give our personal documents to some revshare admins? I don’t think this is a good idea.

    • Tharun John
      6 months ago

      Hello Kishor,

      You’re right. Many members are not very happy about this decision. However Uday seems to be strict on this matter and he said KYC stays even if he will lose certain members. We have to wait and see how members respond to these rules.

      Thanks! 🙂

  • Behar Gjergj
    6 months ago

    Nice blog mate. Subscribed and joined under you already.

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