Payza: Complete Guide!


Payza is the most commonly used payment processors in Revenue Shares and recommended to use in high risk involving programs as they allow us to fight with scammers. You can open an account easily and no need to verify it until you made a transaction totaling to $500 or above.

1. Is there any Fees for Sending and Receiving Funds?

  • There is no fees for Sending funds.
  • While receiving funds, they charges a fees of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

2. How to Add Funds to Payza?

You can add funds via Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Bitcoin Deposits. 

3. How to Send Funds to another account holder? 

  • Enter the Amount and Payza Id of recipient, Fees and Type of Purchases. 
  • Type a note (Optional), click Next and Confirm the Payment.


4. How to Withdraw Payza funds to Bitcoin?

Goto Withdraw Funds  Bitcoin. Enter the Amount, BTC address and confirm the withdrawal. It will take 3-5 business days to get processed. You can also withdraw funds to Bank or Credit Cards. 


5. Can I open a dispute if program scammed?

Yes, you can. Please check How to file Disputes for step by step procedures, HERE

If you have more questions, Contact Me or comment below. 


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