WeLikeFund Review [Scam]


Note: This is just a review of the program as I found it interesting during pre-launch. I haven’t made any deposit into this program because of less popularity and less stable payplan. I will watch few weeks or more before deciding to join. Also will add this to Top 5 RevShare list if it shows potential in coming weeks. I won’t be updating this post unless I made a deposit so if you’re planning on investing, please make sure you do enough research.

Update [Mar 05]: They’re changing plans and repurchase rules which indicates that they don’t have enough reserve funds to pay for long. I strongly recommend to withdraw 100%. 

Update [Mar 20]: WeLikeFund has scammed. 

WeLikeFund Quick Overview!

  • Launch Date: January 17, 2017.
  • Owner of WLF: Thierry Le Bras.
  • Total Members: 2700.
  • Payment Processors: Payza, STP, Perfect Money, Payeer & Bitcoins. 
  • Daily Earnings Cap: 1.5%-2%.

WeLikeFund (WLF) would probably be the first program I’m going to deposit in 2017. One of the reason would be that program is owned by an experienced revshare player. But as we know this doesn’t matter much these days as programs will struggle & collapse if owner isn’t honest and transparent or if they didn’t get much member support.

They are mainly getting response from French and Polish players, haven’t made any noticeable impact in American or Asian market as of now. 

About Owner! 

WeLikeFund is a program owned by Thierry Le Bras from New York. He has over 5 years of experience in revshare industry. I have seen him promoting few revshares like Intellashares, MPA etc in 2015 and he was also one of the Top Earners in MPA v1 (Username: pavisions). He is also getting support from some French players in back ground.

Compensation Plan!

WLF Ad pack plan is different from other Top Revshares as they have 30% mandatory repurchase rule. Also they are paying heavy returns which making them less stable compared to others.

  • Single ad pack of $10 giving 120% to 200% ROI on maturity. You can only purchase higher packs when you max out lower level packs. 
  • Forced Repurchase rule of 30% is applied which can only be used for purchasing packs.
  • Referral Commissions are 2 level deep: 8% and 4%. It’s split into Earnings (50%) and Repurchase balance (50%).
  • Withdrawals will be opened 24/7 and you can withdraw upto $300 per day. 
  • Career Plans are also available for leaders and promoters. 

Certain things to remember!

  1. WeLifeFund is having only 2 wallets, Cash Balance and Repurchase Balance. 30% earnings will move into repurchase balance and remaining to cash balance. Commissions will be split into cash and repurchase balance 50%-50%. 
  2. Daily earnings cap is 2% on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and 1.5% on weekends (Sat & Sun). 

My Thoughts & Opinions!

Pay plans are looking good but total returns on ad packs are too high and it makes the program less stable for long term. Normal revshares can’t survive long enough if they pay over 120% ROI. With decent member support and good intentions from admin, program can run 3-4 months and it will be enough to get profit with proper repurchase-withdrawal strategy. 

Joining my Team! 

  • You will get Earning Strategies and Calculator to maximize your profits.
  • Program will be removed from portfolio if we see any red flags or its too late to join.
  • If you’ve deposited under me, you can ask for Commission Back (RCB).


We Like Fund: Official Facebook Group

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