10AdsPay Review!


Removed from Recommended list on November!

Reason: 10AdsPay is still Paying without any issues or dramas, but the membership growth doesn’t look impressive. Daily new members are now around 50-70 and only 20%-30% will become paid, which is not good comparing to recently launched sites. And since you need some time to get back seed amount, it might not be good to join now. Again, this is my personal opinion based on my observations and I may re-list the program to Top 5 if it improves in coming days. 

10AdsPay Quick Overview!

  • Launched: June 10, 2016.
  • Owner of 10AP: Ashish Shivram Nake.
  • Total Members: 10,400+
  • Payment Processors: Payza, STP, Perfect Money & Bitcoins.
  • Daily Earnings Cap: 2%.

10AdsPay (10AP) is a brand new revenue share from an Indian admin whose payplan is similar to MyPayingAds. Although they have started their business in June 2016 with less than 1000 registered members, their launch was considered to be unique as Payza CEO (Firoz Patel) himself attended the launching ceremony in UK along with the owner.

About Owner!

Owner of 10AdsPay is Ashish Shivram Nake, an Indian who is now settled in UK. He is the director of Softwarion Technologies Limited, Manager of Seepa Services Limited and Secretory of Nexis Logic Ltd according to my google search. However he is new to revenue share industry, I believe. 

Compensation Plan!

Ad pack plans of 10AdsPay is very much similar to MPA, without any monthly membership fees.

  • Ad Packs are $2, $25 and $50 each giving 110%, 115% and 120% ROI respectively. You can purchase a max of 200 packs in level 1 & 2 whereas level 3 doesn’t have any limits. 
  • 10AP offers 10% referral commissions on all purchases & repurchases. 
  • Revenues are shared every 1 hour and surfing 10 ads are mandatory to earn. 
  • Withdrawals are enabled 24/7 and you can withdraw upto $250 per day. 

Certain things to remember!

  1. Program doesn’t have any lower pack requirements. So when you add fresh funds, try to purchase $50 packs and then repurchase $2/$25/$50 based of your deposited amount.
  2. Commissions from one processor can be transferred to other. Make use of this feature and build one single processor instead of spreading small commissions into different wallets. 

My Thoughts & Opinions!

Although program is now 5 months old, there is only 10,000 registered members so far and less than 50 new members daily. Owner is doing many offline promotions and meetings but he also need to focus in online promotions and advertising for faster growth. 

Admin needs to bring in more promoters and leaders from industry. Else program will struggle in coming months as members like to join new programs instead of risking in older ones.

Joining my Team! 

  • You will get Earning Strategies and Calculator to maximize your profits.
  • Program will be removed from portfolio if we see any red flags or its late to join.
  • If you’ve deposited under me, you can ask for Commission Back (RCB).


10 Ads Pay: Official Facebook Group

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