TheAdsTeam Review!


TheAdsTeam Quick Overview!

  • Launched: October 15, 2016.
  • Owners of TAT: Najam Ul Hassan and Muhammed Azam.
  • Total Members: 56,200+
  • Payment Processors: Payza, STP, Perfect Money, Payeer & Bitcoins.
  • Daily Earnings Cap: 2%.

TheAdsTeam (TAT) have opened their registration few days back and its growing faster than other sites which is in pre-launch. They’ve already got the initial momentum that a program needs and it can perform well over time if admins have good intentions.

Program has launched with 8000 members, no hiccups or errors so far. TAT has reached a milestone of 4 months online, still looking good for months to come. 

About Owners!

TheAdsTeam is managed by 2 experienced marketers from United Kingdom. Muhammed Azam is the head of administration. He has a background in IT with a masters degree in Computer Networking. He has worked with many leaders in online and offline network marketing industry. 

Najam Ul-Hassan is the head of Retails Affiliate Program and Digital Products. He’ll be looking after the marketing side of the program. Both of them was former marketers of One Coin business. 

Compensation Plan!

They have designed a stable looking payplan which is similar to 10AdsPay and MyPayingAds. This payplan might not attract the small funders because of lower daily cap and high cost ad packs.

  • Ad Packs are $10, $25 and $50 each, giving 110%, 115% and 120% ROI respectively. You can purchase a max of 200 packs in level 1, 500 packs in level 2 and 2000 packs in level 3.
  • Commissions are 5 level deep: 8% – 2% – 1% – 1% – 1%. Commissions can only be used for purchasing ad packs or other advertising services. 
  • Revenues are shared every 1 hour and surfing 10 ads are mandatory to earn. 
  • Withdrawals are enabled 24/7 and you can withdraw upto $300 per day. 
  • Leaders can earn bonus 8% from Leadership Pools once they reach certain milestones. (I have received leadership bonus of $400+ for last 3 months). 

Certain things to remember!

  1. Program doesn’t have any lower pack requirements. So when you add fresh funds, try to purchase $50 packs and then repurchase $10/$25/$50 based of your deposited amount.
  2. Commissions from one processor can be transferred to other. Make use of this feature and build one single processor instead of spreading small commissions into different wallets. 

My Account Summary as of Feb 25!

I have started with a total of $9500 and continuously repurchased for first 80 days. Withdrawn over 150% ROI so far and now building my packs for next few weeks.
Recent Withdrawal Proofs: Click Here!

My Thoughts & Opinions!

Its good to find a program with active admins which will increase the confidence among members. As there is more than 1 owner, they can really focus on member supports and program growth. Better strategy would be to join early, so that you can maximize your profits.

They’ve already conducted a live event in UK, celebrating the 10,000 members milestone. This shows that they are really taking it serious in making the program a big success in coming days. They have recently done an event in Pakistan which was huge success.

Joining my Team! 

  • You will get Earning Strategies and Calculator to maximize your profits.
  • Program will be removed from portfolio if we see any red flags or its late to join.
  • If you’ve deposited under me, you can ask for Commission Back (RCB).


The Ads Team: Official Facebook Group

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12 Responses to “TheAdsTeam Review!

  • Fabrizio
    4 months ago

    Joined under you and thanks for your RCB offer 🙂

  • Kunal Kamala
    4 months ago

    This is copy cat of 10AP. Do you think these admins can run the program like Ashish bhai?

    • Tharun John
      4 months ago

      TAT admins are doing awesome job so far. They are inviting many good leaders and promoters into the program and also very active on FB unlike Ashish Shivram, which will give more confidence to members, I believe 🙂

      • Kunal Kamala
        4 months ago

        Sounds good. I will watch few days before depositing.

  • Tharun John
    4 months ago

    Program has launched smooth with no major hiccup or bugs. Good luck to everyone playing here 🙂

  • Radoslav
    5 months ago

    Joined under you with username ‘adscend’. How can I get rcb if I start with $250?

  • Can I invest with payza and withdraw to another Wallet?

    • Tharun John
      5 months ago

      No, you can’t 🙂

      As earnings moves into that particular wallet, you have to withdraw the earnings into same processors.

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