TrafficSummitAds Review!


TrafficSummitAds Quick Overview!

  • Launch Date: February 8, 2016.
  • Owner of TSA: Harvey Earl.
  • Total Members: 3350+
  • Payment Processors: Payza, Perfect Money, STP, Payeer and Bitcoins. 
  • Daily Earnings Cap: Upto 2%.

TrafficSummitAds (TSA) is new program from Harvey Earl, admin of VenturePlugTraffic. VPT was a revshare which launched on August 2015 and lasted almost 1 year. Now Harvey is back with much better payplan which can last long if he receive good support from members.

Program has started with 2300 members without any hiccups or issues. It has completed almost 2 weeks but only getting average response so far. So please make sure you contact me before making any deposit. 

About Owner!

Owner of TrafficSummitAds is Harvey Earl. Many of you know this person as admin of VenturePlugTraffic (VPT) which launched on August 2015 and lasted almost 1 year. He had paid out over $270,000 before he decided to discontinue the program because less reserve funds.

VPT was one of the program that struggled when PayPal withdrew their support towards revshares in early 2016. However he still managed to run the program by freezing old packs, adding new plans and with other processors. As a member who was in VPT since pre-launch, I must say, he did a commendable job as admin. You can check MMG Thread for more details on VPT. 

Compensation Plan!

It looks like Harvey have learned a lot from mistakes he made in previous website that he totally removed the Repurchase Rules in present program. Payplan looks good, affordable to small players and also stable for long term. I also like the single level referral commissions and $200 daily withdrawals which will further help in sustainability.

  • Only 2 level ad packs of $5 and $50, each gives 125% ROI on maturity.
  • Inorder to purchase $50 packs, you must buy monthly membership of $10.
  • 10% single level referral commissions. These commissions can only be used for purchasing ad packs or other advertising services. 
  • Revenues are shared every 1 hour and surfing 10 ads are mandatory to earn. 
  • Withdrawals are enabled 24/7 and you can withdraw upto $200 per day. 

My Account Summary as of Feb 25!

I’ve started with $2900 and purchased $50 packs. Based on current response, I am planning to repurchase for only for 3 weeks and then slowly take my seed.

Joining my Team!

  • You will get Earning Strategies and Calculator to maximize your profits.
  • Program will be removed from portfolio if we see any red flags or its late to join.
  • If you’ve deposited under me, you can ask for Commission Back (RCB).


Traffic Summit Ads: Official Facebook Group

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4 Responses to “TrafficSummitAds Review!

  • Joined and received my 100% RCB. Thanks Checkmate!

  • Is this revshare going to make your recommended list or is it just something of interest? Are you joining it?

    • Hello Sam, thanks for joining 🙂

      As I was in his previous program (VPT) from first day, I know that he can run a program well. But we also have to see the response he getting this time from members. That’s why I haven’t added TSA to my Top 5 list yet. I might probably start small, watch for sometime and see if program grows before adding further.

      As you have joined under me, you will get my mail on launch day about strategy I would be following in this site.


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