Unocoin: Complete Guide!


Unocoin is one of the popular bitcoin wallet for Indians. You can buy, sell, withdraw or trade bitcoins from your account. Verification process, transactions and support are also quick. 

1. Is there any fees for Sending and Receiving funds?

  • No fees been charged for receiving bitcoins.
  • While sending, Unocoin will charge a fees of 0.0002 BTC per transaction. 

2. How to Signup and verify Unocoin account?

  • To open a new Unocoin account, Click Here!
  • After sign up, Goto Account Settings  Profile. Enter the correct Name, Address, Pan card and other details. Also attach Pan Card, Photo and Adhar Card proofs for verification. You can make transactions upto 20 BTC per day once your account get verified.
  • After that goto Account Settings ➦ Bank Accounts. You have to add your bank account details for buying and selling bitcoins from Unocoin. Verification will be completed in 1-2 days.

3. How to send or receive bitcoins?

To send bitcoins, goto Bitcoins ➦ Send/Request ➦ Send Bitcoins. In order to receive bitcoins, you need to get your unique bitcoin address which can be found under Bitcoins ➦ Send/Request.

4. How to Buy/Sell bitcoins? 

You can buy bitcoins with your INR account balance from Bitcoins ➦ Buy. You can also sell the bitcoins and get Indian rupees from Bitcoins ➦ Sell.

 How to deposit and withdraw from your account?

Inorder to purchase bitcoins, first you need to deposit Indian Rupees into Unocoin’s bank account. For depositing funds, goto Indian Rupees ➦ Deposit where you can find their account details. After depositing, enter the amount and provide the bank transaction number for approval.

When you sell bitcoins, you will only receive INR balance. For withdrawing this funds into your bank, goto Indian Rupees  Withdraw. Withdrawals will be processed within 1-3 days.

If you have more questions, Contact Me or comment below. 


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